May 11, 2023
Water Heaters in Belgrade, MT

As a homeowner, there are various components of your home that will need to be replaced from time to time. Your water heater is going to be one that needs to be replaced about every 10 to 15 years. One question that you may be asking yourself when it comes to getting a new water heater is whether or not it will be safer for your family compared to your old unit.

New Ignitors

The short answer to this question is that, yes, new water heaters are designed to be safer than older style ones. One of the biggest differences is that water heaters are no longer designed with pilot lights that have to be relit via a lighter by the homeowner. Rather, new water heaters come with an electric igniter, where the homeowner simply pushes a button to relight the pilot light. This helps to keep both the homeowner and the items around the water heater safe from flames and fire.

New Safety Mandates

About a decade ago, new safety regulations were mandated by the federal government to help reduce fire hazards caused by flames that come rolling out of the water heater. One of these changes was to add a flame arrestor plate that works to prevent burner rollout. Additionally, a flame rollout safety device is now required on all water heaters. This device works to automatically shut the water heater off if any flames are detected to have escaped from a specific boundary notated by the system.

Another mandatory safety upgrade was changing the design of the combustion air’s pathway into the burner compartment. This change in airflow helps to improve combustion safety for the homeowner. These are just some of the many new safety upgrades that all water heaters have undergone to become safer for households throughout the country.

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