April 18, 2022

What Makes Toilet Paper Environmentally Friendly?

You may have chuckled while reading or viewing toilet paper ads that proclaim a certain product is soft, best at cleaning, or more absorbent than competing products. While these factors are important, it’s also wise to consider the environmental friendliness of toilet paper. Let’s look at what makes a toilet paper environmentally friendly and how to choose one that won’t cause damage to your Willow Creek, MT home’s septic system or sewer line.

Consider the Material

Until recently, most toilet papers were made from new tree pulp. However, consumer demand facilitated the development of toilet paper made from recycled materials. Even recycled tree pulp requires the use of a lot of energy and resources. Several companies have started to make toilet paper from bamboo. The rapid growth of bamboo and minimal processing of the fibers makes it the most environmentally friendly material for toilet paper.

Choose a Simple Product

Some toilet papers have additives that aren’t environmentally friendly. Scented or colored toilet papers use dyes and other chemicals that may be harmful to the environment. Some toilet paper is bleached with chlorine to create that bright-white look. For an environmentally friendly option, choose toilet paper free of chlorine, ink, dye, and scents.

Keep Packaging in Mind

In addition to evaluating the environmental friendliness of the toilet paper, also consider its packaging. Most manufacturers of toilet paper use plastic packaging. In many communities, these plastics can’t be recycled. For an eco-friendlier choice, choose toilet paper with paper or another biodegradable wrapper. A few companies offer toilet paper with no packaging, which is the most environmentally friendly option. These products are shipped in a large box, and the cardboard can be recycled.

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