September 20, 2021
Plumbing Leak in Belgrade, MT

If you’re looking to get your plumbing in shape for winter, consider doing some fall maintenance. Here are five tips to consider for your Belgrade, MT, home.

1. Get the Drains Cleaned

Fall is a great time to get the drains in your home cleaned because it is much more of a hassle when it is colder. If you smell sewage in your home or have gurgling drains, it is vital to get them cleaned out as soon as possible. You may also have a slow drain in your home that needs cleaning so everything flows much better.

2. Roll Up Hoses and Cover Outside Faucets

If you leave your outside faucets uncovered during the winter months, your pipes could freeze. It is important to cover and insulate your pipes so they are well protected from the cold. Rolling up your hoses and sticking them inside can keep them from cracking in the winter as well, saving you the costs of new hoses next year.

3. Insulate Pipes

Insulate your pipes that are in areas with poor heat. For example, you may have pipes in your basement or garage that get cold at night. Make sure these have extra insulation, so they are ready for the winter temperatures.

4. Fix Leaks

If you have faucets or pipes that drip, have them fixed in the fall months. Just like the other plumbing issues, it is much worse when these problems grow into more significant problems during the coldest months of the year.

5. Locate the Main Shut-Off Valve in Your Home

Knowing where your main shut-off valve is, is very important. Suppose there is a burst pipe in your home! Knowing where your shut-off valve is can save a lot of damage to your home. Also, you may want to shut off your water if you leave for an extended amount of time.

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