September 19, 2023
Water Heaters in Belgrade, MT

Learning how to change your water heater’s temperature will make it easier to ensure your family is comfortable. While many systems are set to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you may want to increase or decrease that number depending on your household needs. Here are the quickest ways to make both electric and gas water heater adjustments:

Electric Water Heaters

An electric water heater comes with two thermostats and two separate heating elements, though only one will generally come on at a time. To change your temperature, you’ll need to access the thermostats, which are hidden behind cover plates. Start by turning off the system, and then search the front for top and bottom cover plates. Unscrew them and remove the loose piece of insulation.

You should see a water adjustment screw and gauge that you can turn to lower or raise your temperature. Once you’ve changed it to your preferred temperature, put the insulation and cover back in place before powering the system on.

Gas Water Heaters

Natural gas heaters are easier to adjust as they have a dial toward the bottom you can turn. Unfortunately, for some models, this dial may be unmarked or have vague warm, hot, and very hot designations. Some could also have the letters A, B, and C, which each have a numerical value. For example, turning the dial to A will increase the dial by 10 degrees, B will increase it by 20 degrees, and C will add 30 degrees.

While you shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting your heater’s temperature, keep in mind that you can always call an expert for assistance. You should especially consider professional service if you’re struggling to find a comfortable temperature or have to constantly make adjustments. There could be something going wrong with your water heater that’s decreasing your comfort.

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