February 17, 2022
Plumbing Code in Belgrade, MT

While many people like to make their own plumbing repairs and modifications, it often results in a plumbing code violation. This is one of the reasons why this type of work should be left to a professional plumber. These are some common plumbing code violations to be aware of.

Insufficient Space Around a Toilet

There needs to be sufficient space around a toilet for it to meet plumbing code. Different parts of the country have specific clearance minimums. There also has to be sufficient space around cabinets, sinks and appliances.

Use of Illegal or Improper Materials

When working with plumbing, you need to know what materials to use. You can’t use corrugated pipes to repair a toilet, for instance. Similarly, you can’t use masking tape to cover cracks or holes.

Plugged or Missing Water Relief Valves

Water heaters have safety devices in them to prevent a disaster from happening. One of the most important of these is the pressure relief valve. The valve will release water if the pressure gets too great in the water heater.

Water relief valves are known to leak as a water heater ages. Some people put a plug on it to prevent water from escaping. This practice is a code violation as it could result in your water heater exploding.

Drainage Pipe Sloping

Drainpipes need to slope so the water in them drains, and clogs don’t develop. Not having enough slope or too much are common plumbing code violations. If the slope is bad enough, “backflow” can occur, which means sewage water backs up into your home.

Improper Bathroom Venting

It’s common for bathrooms to have insufficient or missing venting. Bathrooms should have a fan that draws out moisture and odors and vents them outside. If there is improper bathroom venting, it creates an ideal environment for mold.

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