July 18, 2022
Cloudy Tap Water in Belgrade, MT

It’s hard to tell the reasons you have cloudy tap water just by looking. It’s always advisable to test your water regularly to determine the cause and ensure it doesn’t have contaminants. Consulting with an expert can help you choose an effective solution to eliminate the cloudiness and protect your plumbing from damage. Here are some common reasons behind the cloudiness in your tap water.

Particulates in Your Water Supply

Water may pick some particulate or sediment as it flows through your plumbing system. These particulates, such as silt or rock, don’t fully dissolve in water, causing cloudiness. Unfortunately, the cloudiness in your tap water won’t clear until you spot and remove the sediments. You may consider a water filtration system if the amount of particulate in your water supply is high.

Hard Water

You may notice limescale buildup in appliances and pipes if you have hard water issues, which causes tap water to appear cloudy. The limescale forms when you heat hard water, so you may notice water cloudiness inside taps or pipework. While hard water is safe for drinking, the cloudiness can be less appealing. You may consider investing in a water softening system to eliminate the hardness and water cloudiness.

Methane Gas

Although this isn’t a common cause, methane gas can cause cloudy tap water. Signs your water contains methane gas may include water sputtering from taps and white bubbles in the water. The gas naturally occurs in well water, and it is tasteless, colorless, and odorless. Hire an expert to test your water for methane gas and determine the exact levels.

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are another common cause of cloudy tap water. A drop in temperature and increase in water pressure usually lead to air bubbles in the water. High water pressure can create bubbles when the tap water releases air, causing a cloudy appearance. During winter, when the temperatures are low, water temperatures increase as it moves from the reservoir to the tap, creating a cloudy appearance.

We are known throughout the Belgrade and Bozeman areas for providing effective and affordable water solutions. Our team will test your water if it is cloudy and recommend an affordable and effective solution. We also offer professional HVAC installations, maintenance, and boiler repair services. Contact PJ's Plumbing & Heating today for more information about water treatment and keeping your water safe.

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