September 15, 2022
PEX Pipes in Belgrade, MT

When compared to copper, PVC, and other ridge pipes, PEX pipes have the highest level of freeze resistance. This is good news if you’re constantly worried about burst or ruptured pipes in the winter months. Having PEX pipes in your Belgrade, Montana home can help you avoid thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs when the outside temperature plummets. This is especially true if you’re prone to taking long vacations during the holiday season and often leave your home unattended.

PEX Pipes Can and Do Freeze, But They’re Unlikely to Rupture

PEX piping is made from cross-linked polyethylene. These pipes are designed specifically for higher levels of durability. They’re less likely to sustain structural damage in workshops and during the installation process. They’re also far more flexible and malleable than their alternatives. It is these two last qualities that make them ideally suited for installation in homes that are subject to severe winter temperatures.

Any time PEX pipes are exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, they’ll freeze just as other pipes would. However, their ability to expand as moisture within them expands can keep them from rupturing. Due to its very nature, PEX piping responds to all temperature changes with expansion. Whether the surrounding temperature grows very cold or very hot, PEX will respond by becoming larger. In some instances, these pipes have the ability to expand three times their original size.

Other Benefits of PEX Pipes

Their increased durability makes PEX pipes less likely to develop structural imperfections during transportation and installation. Although Montana certainly gets cold enough for outside temperatures to fall below the freezing point of PEX, frozen PEX pipes aren’t likely to rupture. However, there’s another impressive benefit of choosing this material for your ridge pipes. Plumbing systems that include PEX pipes have far fewer plumbing joints. This allows for a more seamless installation than either copper or PVC does. It also limits the risk of joint failure, particularly during times of freezing temperatures.

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