October 18, 2023
Combination boiler in Belgrade, MT

A combination boiler in Belgrade, MT, is among the most common options you’ll come across if you’re planning to install or replace your heating system. The experts at PJ's Plumbing & Heating listed the top four benefits of this system to help you decide whether it suits your needs.

1. Compact Size

Unlike traditional boilers that need a separate hot water tank and cold water cylinder, a combi boiler integrates all its components into a single compact unit that can fit in a standard cupboard. This allows you to free up space in your home for other purposes, like additional storage.

2. High Efficiency

Another advantage of a combination boiler is its impressive efficiency rating. Modern combi boilers feature a flue gas recovery system, which collects the gas generated by burning oil or gas and uses it to heat water from the mains. This allows the unit to consume less fuel and achieve an efficiency of 90%-94%, reducing your heating bills.

3. Provides Hot Water on Demand

Another significant benefit of combination boilers is that they generate hot water on demand once you set the thermostat or turn on the hot water faucet. You’ll probably never run out of hot water unless the boiler breaks down.

4. Easy to Install

Combi boilers have fewer components and pipes than traditional boilers, meaning they’re relatively cheaper to install and maintain. Unlike conventional boilers that have a storage tank installed, a combination boiler doesn’t need one. So, your boiler can be installed quicker and cheaper.

Professional Boiler Services

Choosing and installing a combination boiler requires the knowledge and expertise of an HVAC professional in Belgrade, MT. PJ's Plumbing & Heating is the leading company you can rely on to keep your boiler in tip-top shape. We also provide comprehensive plumbing and HVAC services including installation, repairs, and maintenance. We handle radiant and geothermal heating and offer sump pump, drain cleaning, and leak detection services.

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