August 11, 2022
Garbage Disposal in Belgrade, MT

When you flip the switch of your garbage disposal, you expect to hear the blades grinding the food debris in the trap. What you don’t expect is a loud hum, screeching sound or nothing. If your garbage disposal stopped working, replacing it could give you a sense of accomplishment. Follow these tips to safely and effectively replace your Bozeman, MT home’s garbage disposal.

1. Familiarize Yourself With the New Disposal

If you’ve already tried resetting, unplugging and restarting the old disposal and flipping the circuit breaker to see if that fixes the issue, it’s time to consider installing a new unit. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the new disposal. Next, remove the dishwasher knock-out. It’s a piece of plastic attached to the blade area. Add the cord and plug to the disposal.

2. Install the New Disposal

Get a bucket, a few bricks or something else sturdy to support the disposal while you install it. Once you’ve used a hex wrench and pliers to remove the old one, you’ll be ready to install the new one. You may be able to reuse the same pipe and flange from the old disposal. Mount the snap ring under the sink. From the sink side, put the old disposal on top of the flange. Tighten the new disposal with pliers. Attach the outlet pipe. Use silicone caulk or another type of plumbers’ putty to seal the connection.

3. Test the Disposal

After allowing the sealant to cure, it’s time to test the disposal. Test it with something that’s not messy. Put a bucket under the disposal in case of a leak.

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